A fight Among Metal

Robots don’t always have to be the evil ones wo are terminating humans, In some ways robots teach us a thing or two.

    FRC (First Robotics Competition) is an organization consisting of over 8,000 teams worldwide. These teams are for high schoolers that compete as a community or school. My father coaches a community team located in Whittier, though the Orange County Regional Tournament is usually located at a high school in Orange County. My father’s team called X-Bots (Team 5810) has an outreach to the community that is sponsored by PPG Aerospace. This outreach is called Go Baby Go.

    Go Baby Go is a program where the high schoolers take already built plastic electric cars, the kind that toddlers drive, and they modify them for disabled children. The cars are modified many different ways to fit the disabled child. If the child cannot sit up, then we add extra straps and a back-supporting foam frame to help them. If the child has trouble moving their arms, then we add a red button so they can make the car go by hitting it, rather then having to complicatedly maneuver it. This helps the child develop upper body stability -therapy.

    In the competitions, different robots that weigh around 120 Lbs. compete against each other. The robots use their complicated mechanisms to gain points by climbing, shooting, blocking, flipping, etc. Some local high schools that have FRC teams are Troy and Sunny Hills. 

    These robotics teams are able to submit their special community acts to try and achieve the chairman’s award. Last month at a competition called the Fall Classic at Valencia High School we even one 1st place (with the help of other teams on our alliance)!

    Overall, robotics has a huge impact, and FIRST even provides these opportunities to children of much younger age. Robotics helps develop programmers, coders and even engineers! It develops a great interest in STEAM.

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